Better With Bonds Campaign Celebration.

Better with Bonds

On November 8th, all Buncombe County voters can vote on two important ballot questions:

A $30 million bond that will protect mountains, meadows, productive farmlands, and clean water in our streams and rivers for future generations.​

A $40 million bond to ensure stable housing for children, homeownership for working families, and safe housing for seniors.


Tuesday, Oct. 4th, 5:30 – 7:30PM
Wedge at Foundation Brewery, 5 Foundy St., Asheville 28801

No RSVP Necessary – Free Admission – Refreshments for Purchase + Chop Shop Food Truck


County leaders have set a target of protecting 6,000 additional acres by 2030. Once achieved, fully 20% of the land in Buncombe County will be preserved for future generations. This bond will also support development of recreational trails and greenways across the community.

County leaders have set a goal of ensuring that by 2030 up to 3,150 new units of housing are made available for our residents. Focus areas are: Homeownership for working families, including teachers, firefighters, and service workers. Stable homes for our community’s children.

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